Travel via Visiting Visa to Canada

Travel via Visiting Visa to Canada from Nigeria as a visitor has been made easy by the Canadian immigration. All that is required of you , submit your application online compare to those days you have to visit a Visa processing Center.

  • You want to travel to Canada to conduct business
  • You intend to travel to Canada to attend a job Training
  • Or you intention is to travel to Canada for holiday with your family members
  • And you willing, ready to meet the Canada Visiting visa requirement
  • You want to avoid visa refusal because You a first applicant and you do not where to start from

You welcome to Travel to Canada from Nigeria

We understand you are a first time applicant and you want to get a Canada Visiting visa but you don’t understand where to start from. Please follow the following instruction:

You will be better informed on how to APPLY NOW for your Travel to Canada visa via Visiting visa.

Travel via Visiting Visa


See your see already traveling to Canada. Create a mental picture of our how you want your visiting experience to look like.

Click on the 2 minutes video titled Introduction Canada to get a feel of how life is in Canada. For you looking for a Tourist destination as a visitor, I recommend you visit Toronto. Click on the Next slid a 4 minutes Video titled Toronto Canada Guide. After you finish watching the video do not be in a hurry to leave. Proceed to step 2.


As a Nigeria apply for Canada Visa, you must show a proof of the following:

  • What is your main purpose of travel to Canada
  • Do you have a job you presently doing in Nigeria
  • Or Do you own a business in Nigeria
  • Are you financially buoyant
  • You will come back to Nigeria after your visit
  • Show your traveling history…Note :Canadian Immigration don’t prefer applicant without other traveling experience.

At this point you wondering what exact documents are required of you, to make a successful Visiting visa application from Nigeria. Click the button List of Visiting Visa Supporting Document, to download accurate list and instant breakdown of all document that will ensure your visa is successful and enable you travel via visiting visa.


To Download accurate list and instant breakdown of all document that will ensure your Canada Visiting visa Application is successful.

Click the button Titled: List of Visiting Visa Supporting Document. After your Download Proceed to STEP 3.



Click on the Apply Now button.

You have two option on how to submit your application or Apply now.

Comparism between   | Apply by yourself  |  Vs | Apply using Advice |

  • Success Rate of Applying by Yourself 30%
  • Success Rate of Applying Using Advice 97%