Travel Via Canada Express Entry to Canada

Travel  via Canada Express Entry to Canada From Nigeria, It takes just Three ( 3 ) steps. With the Canada Express entry you migrate to Canada to Work as well you become a permanent residence with just 3 Step !

You tired of the bad government in Nigeria, High cost of living in Nigeria, you not sure what the futures in Nigeria.

As a result, you have made up your mind to travel and relocate your family to Canada to work and as a permanent resident

  • Your desire is to travel to Canada via the express entry scheme
  • But, you do not understand where to start from, how the process work
  • You looking for a Canada express entry consultant to help and guide you through the process
  • You need to relocate to Canada urgently within six months
  • And you want to avoid visa refusal because you a first time applicant !
  • Then, you welcome to travel to Canada via express entry.

We understand you are a first time applicant and you want to get a Canada visa but you don’t understand where to start from. Please follow the following instruction.

You will be better informed on how to APPLY NOW for your Canada Express Entry Visa.

Travel Via Canada Express Entry


watch the video below: it explain how the proceed work. After you finish watching the video do not be in a hurry to leave. Proceed to step 2.


Determine Your Eligibility/ Can you meet the Visa requirement?  How do you determine if you qualify to apply for the Canada Express Entry from Nigeria. Just Click on the Instant Report Button Below…To get Instant Report and Factors you need to consider for a successful Entry.


Click on the button Instant Report to determine your Eligibility.

If you qualify based on your Instant Report

then Proceed to step 3.

Instant Report


Click on the Apply Now button.

You have two option on how to submit your application or Apply now.

Comparism between   | Apply by yourself  |  Vs | Apply using Advice |

  • Success Rate of Applying by Yourself 30%
  • Success Rate of Applying Using Advice 97%