Travel to Canada from Nigeria

You want to travel to Canada from Nigeria. You wondering what are your best options, you not sure where to start your Visa application . you a first time applicant and you have madeup your mind to travel to Canada.

          You had tried browsing through the website of the Canada Immigration, the information you found are not straight forward, a little confusing and you still do not understand how the process works.

You welcome to Travel to Canada from Nigeria. You will be better informed on your best option on how to travel from Nigeria to Canada.

You have Four Options on How you can make your travel from Nigeria to Canada. This options are subject to your main purpose of your travel. Listed below are means through which you can travel to Canada from Nigeria.


Travel Via Canada Express Entry

With Canada Express Entry you migrate to Canada to Work, you become a permanent residence with just 3 Steps.. READ MORE.

Travel Via Province Nomination

The province nomination would require you nominated by any of eleven (11) provinces in Canada. Believe me you..READ MORE.

Travel Via Tourist/ Visitors Visa

You want to travel to Canada to conduct business, to attend a job Training or for holiday with your family members..READ MORE.

Travel via Study/Student Visa

Congratulation you have been offered admission to study in Canada. You want to apply for Canada Study Visa.. READ MORE.

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Visa Requirement

You have two option on how to apply for any of the above Canada Visa:

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  • Success Rate of Applying by Yourself 30%
  • Success Rate of Applying Using Advice 97%