To setup a free trade zone enterprise/operations in Nigeria has become easy for Foreigners wanting to do business in Nigeria.

Nigeria Free Trade zone business setup is very quick and stress free with our professional services. Investors are opened to unlimited resources during business setup to facilitate quick returns. We encourage prospective investors to go through the following clues before proceeding with the business setup.

First you need to understand the license type available for investor. the following three license type you can apply for:

  • If you need to operate your own Free trade zone within Nigeria , you need to secure a Free Trade Zone Developer License.
  • If you need to operate your own business within any of the approved Free trade zone, you need a Free Trade Zone Enterprise License.
  • If you need to bid for/offer Engineering Services to a free trade zone developer license holder or to an enterprise license holder within any of the approved Free trade zone, you need a Free Trade Zone Engineering Permit.

The free trade zone are open to the following industries, investors whom provide services and products in the following:

Areas for Investment

  • Textile & Garments
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Food Processing
  • Wood Products & Furniture
  • Plastics & Rubber Products
  • Fertilizer & Petroleum Plants
  • Agricultural Farms & Processing
  • Steel & Aluminum
  • Automobile Assembling & Automotive components
  • Oil & Gas
  • Banking services
  • Bio-fuels
  • Recycling of products
  • Cosmetics & Chemical Products
  • Leather and Handicrafts Products
  • Logistics & Warehousing services
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Printing Materials & Office Equipment
  • Machinery, Equipments & Metal Products
  • Ship Building & Repairs
  • Mining
  • Power generation & supply
  • Estate Development
  • Hospitality and recreation business

Special request may be considered.

Nigeria Free Trade Zone Support Services

Nigerian Free trade Zone are accessible from the Atlantic Ocean ( precisely This Gulf of Guinea ) and interlink Roads, Sea ports and Airports with local and international flights operations.

Over 32 approved Free Trade Zone within Nigeria. 5 more awaiting approval.

You want to obtain license to operate as a Free trade zone Developer ( own your own private free trade zone ) or  Operate as an Enterprise within the 32 approved Nigerian free trade zone.

Let help you avoid the Nigeria bureaucracy and internal politics. We can save you time, we would get the documents and approval for you. We know our people and our people know us.  Let get you started.

Our team makes sure you the clients enjoy fast processing time for license with cost reduction. As a foreign investor let save you the cost of traveling , we would represent you, your interest in all negotiation while you monitor all discussion via Skype communication.  Backed by more than 7 years of experience in managing free trade zones operations, registration and licensing.

Call +2348026480998, +2348182467830, +23408148383976, +234014535872 to enabling you register and obtain license to operate your company as a free trade zone enterprise, you assured to enjoy simpler registration procedures, full foreign ownership and tax-free operation, and you entitled to repatriate proceeds from your business to your mother country, as well as to import goods and services relating to your business without paying customs duty.  Please find more information on frequently asked questions regarding registration/license of a Free Trade business in within Nigeria from our Resource Center.

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Member Association Of Negotiated Airline Ticket Special Agent